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On Sewing and Sewing On

Last week I completed the BurdaStyle Teacher Certification course. It is an online course where you watch videos on their core techniques to use when teaching others using the Burda patterns. There were 4 assignments to complete using these core … Continue reading

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Christmas T-Shirt Quilt

I had promised a post about the t-shirt quilt that my sister-in-law asked me to make for my nephew for Christmas. Her request for the quilt was that it fit on his double bed at college and that it be … Continue reading

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I Won a Quilt

I love to sew! I love to share my skills with others. I sew all kinds of things. I sew my clothes. I sew clothes for my grand kids. I sew for my kids. I make curtains, pillows and window … Continue reading

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Sewing for the New Year 2015

Last year I made a resolution not to purchase any clothing (with the exception of underwear and jeans) in an attempt to protest the fast fashion movement and the deplorable conditions in which most of our clothing is made. I … Continue reading

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Wall Hanging is hanging

I posted pictures of the beautiful wall hanging that I received for Christmas that my son and daughter-in-law sent me from Laos. I have finally gotten a hanger attached to it and tacked the backing down a bit so it … Continue reading

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Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Game Tutorial

A couple of summers ago I was teaching a sewing workshop at the neighborhood pool to a handful of kids who were members of the swim team. Class attendance wasn’t consistent so in an effort to encourage enrollment I decided … Continue reading

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Our Super Size Life

Yes, we Americans love to live large. We love big meals. We love big vehicles. We love big homes. We love big parties, big plans, big bank accounts, big hair, big closets, big pets…..if it’s big we are all about … Continue reading

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