I began sewing as a child. I also learned to knit when I was young. I love fabric, fiber, color and texture. I even worked in manufacturing for a few years as a top-stitcher in a shoe factory and then constructing jump suits and jerseys in other factory settings. I have to admit that sewing within those perimeters is not as appealing to me as creating in my own sewing room. But, it did teach me construction sequence and the knowledge of mass production. After those positions I did not sew for myself for many years. When my children were small I discovered a need to create and sewing and knitting was what comes naturally to me. Now my goal is to share the knowledge. I love to learn new techniques and I love to share what I learn.

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  1. I understand your love of textiles, fiber, color, pattern, texture! I too feel all those attractions. I learned to sew at an early age, but when I started making clothes that didn’t fit, I gave up on making my own clothes! I took up quilting for a long while, just so I could buy and put together fabrics; I loved the design but not the actual sewing. Now I buy scarves, just so I can have bits of fabrics! I got this love from my grandmother. So nice to meet you in the blogging world.

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