Enjoying my embroidery machine

If you have an embroidery machine then I know you understand.


Personalized Screen


Christmas Gifts

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Sundays Seven

We went on a quick vacation, as we do yearly, to the New Jersey area to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. I started making this linen bath towel set for myself and then realized that I need a gift so hey! There we go. I love this linen and I am really pleased to gift this and make more for myself and —gift some to others.


We had a good trip other than Mr F having trouble driving with knee pain and I ended up driving most of the way and then most of the time there. So, while he was resting under the influence of ibuprofen and tylenol , I excused myself to visit the local fabric store. This fabric store Stitch and Sew Center is so fabulous. It is the most exciting fabric store that I have ever been in….not having been to anything in NYC.

I could spend hours and hours here! But, I had a list and I pretty much stuck with it.


I have plans…..

We also enjoy a sushi place in the area as well…


Ikko is located in Brick, NJ. It is a definite destination for our trips.

Beach time was questionable due to storms in the area..

We were only on the board walk during this storm as everyone on the beach was asked to leave due to lighting…

The next day we went to Bradley Beach (recommended by my sister-in-law) and it was glorious — no parking issues, no too much sand to slug thru to get to water. And not too crowded.

It was so nice…..sand in my toes and salt water up my nose…

On our way back to Virginia we happened into a rest area and I loved this find…


Now that we are home and enjoying our little area of the world I am delighted with these beautiful blooms next to my deck.


Happy summer holiday to those in this realm of life…..Charlottesville, VA was mostly peaceful this year. I have much to be grateful for!!!

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Lots of sewing going on

And lots of teaching too. Summer is a good time to get classes going and I’m staying pretty busy. Yay! Some I have taken pictures of. Some I need to be better about recording and posting.

Here is some of what has been going on…


Burda Style Sew along Dress for Success.


Simple tank from a pattern that I’ve modified so many times I really can’t remember where it came from. It may be the Blank T shirt. Modified to a tank.


Who doesn’t need a pair of pineapple lounge pants?  Modified from a copied pattern I made from a favorite pair of short a few years ago. I’ve made 5 different pairs of short/pants from this one copied version.


Grandma and Me matching tops. Mine is a Springfield Top from Cashmerette. Umm, yeah. I modified the length to a tunic. And the coverup was a project from A Kid’s Guide to Sewing: Learn to Sew with Sophie and Her Friends. I have been using this book with some of my classes.


Last one to share (photo that is) a finished hand towel that is part of a linen bath set. I have four bath towels, two hand towel and two wash clothes cut out and ready to finish. I’m excited to finish these.

I’ve been enjoying the classes I’ve been teaching and have some sewing camps coming up that will be fun. August is just around the corner and then it will be Fall.

I have already received the Aug/Sept Copy of Sew News and the cover says “Fashions to Fall for”. I just can’t right now. Not when it’s so hot outside and I still have so many summer projects on my wish list.

Are you the type person who can begin Fall sewing in the middle of summer or (worse yet) Christmas sewing in July? I wish I could. It would be nice to have all that done well in advance to not feel rushed at the last minute.

Maybe I am more of a “stop and smell the rose” kind of person than I want to admit. You know, living in the moment and all. (chuckles to self)

Happy summer sewing everyone!

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Burda Biker Jacket 8/2017 #127


I was really excited to join this sew-along with Meg Healy to make this awesome Biker Jacket. The regular sized jacket has a really cute peplum but, there were also instructions for the plus sized faux suede jacket. Yay! Time for some selfish sewing.

I purchased this fabric from my local JoAnn Fabric store. I really like the colors and the paisley print. It’s a polyester but, oh well. I also purchased a faux suede for the accent pieces but didn’t get enough. I like that the faux suede was embossed with the paisley.


When I went back to the store, my luck as usual, the fabric was gone. They did have the tan in the same so I got some of it. I played around with the idea of using tan, black and the main fabric but later decided it would be too much going on. I was going to try the black as the inside of the lapel. But, I picked the tan. I like how it turned out using two fabrics instead of three.  I also had not planned on lining the jacket and changed my mind later. Although I had serged and finished all my seams I felt it would look better if I went ahead and put in the lining. I’m glad that I did.


There are so many pieces to this pattern. But, that is the part that I thought was fun. Working out the puzzle. It came together without any troubles. Until the lining….that’s another story.


I am enjoying working with zippers. These were really easy to install. Practice makes perfect, right? I have sewn a welt zipper for pockets before. It was quite easy. What did go wrong was when I was shortening the main zipper, I was already happily plucking off the zipper teeth when I realized that I had removed them from below my mark to shorten to instead of above the mark. “Note to self – double check directions before plucking.”

IMG_4881I probably should have shortened the sleeve zipper too. But, it’s okay. Oh, on the other story of the lining. The lining on the sleeve really through me for a loop. I was challenged to wrap my brain around the sleeve seams on the lining. At first I thought that I had put the sleeves in backwards but, the notches all matched up and the sleeve did not feel weird when I tried it on. But, the seam opening for the zipper wasn’t where it was suppose to be. Turns out I closed the wrong seam at the zipper. It was such a relief to realize that and certainly an easy fix.


I love the way it turned out and I have worn it a few times already as traces of Winter are still trying to hang on here. I guess I should make another with Spring colors rather than Fall. Or not. Oh, also. I decided not to do any of the padded patch stitching on the shoulders or upper arm. I see that in a lot of ready-to-wear and I prefer to be different.


I match my wall! It’s a comfy jacket and was a really fun pattern to challenge myself in sewing it up. I hope some of you are sewing up some jackets for transitional weather.

Happy Sewing!

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Selfish Sewing

It’s called selfish sewing. I prefer to call it “Grounding Sewing” or “Therapeutic Sewing”. You know the feeling. You get so busy with every day activities or the daily grind. You see sewing inspiration all around you. You can hear your sewing machine humming along in your sleep. But, things just keep popping up and keep you from doing what you really love.

As of lately my world has been involved in lots of sewing. Yes. Lots of teaching others to sew. It’s a good thing. I love to inspire others to sew. To create. It gives me a huge thrill to help others make projects. It requires me to hunt down new projects and techniques. I love prowling around the internet for ideas. I sew up test samples. At the same time I am looking and planning all kinds of things that I want to make for myself. It’s so hard to find the time right now to sew for me.

So today I made the time. I grabbed The Tee pattern from Sewing Cake Patterns which I had downloaded ages ago from the Craftsy website. I’ve made several before and I really need a new tee and I had a really nice dark olive green french terry jersey knit. I just had to do it.


I don’t remember where I got this fabric. I really need to be better about tracking my stash. Maybe if my stash were more manageable it would be easier. (Note to self….) But, I love the color and the weight of it. I’m hoping this Tee will transition into Spring temperatures as I made my Tee a modified version with a 3/4 sleeve.


It sewed up like a dream. And did I mention that dark olive green color? Love it!!


Not the best picture…we have had a very rainy weekend and the lighting was not great. But, it was a quick and easy sew and very, very satisfying. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Oh, I was looking forward to trying the bias knit binding technique from Melly Sews. When I saw her bias method for cutting the knit neck band I was so excited. It makes so much better sense than anything I’ve seen or was instructed before. And it worked like a dream as you can see from the featured photo. This will be my go-to method and the technique that I will be sharing in my classes from now on. Thanks so much Melissa!

Here’s to Selfish, Grounding and Therapeutic Sewing! There, now don’t you feel better? I sure do.

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On Sewing and Sewing On

Last week I completed the BurdaStyle Teacher Certification course. It is an online course where you watch videos on their core techniques to use when teaching others using the Burda patterns. There were 4 assignments to complete using these core techniques and I was required to take pictures of each project to upload for grading. Each project had various photos to show the skills and techniques used. The course began in September and closed in January. That’s plenty of time to complete — right in the middle of the holidays and my temporary/part time job and the classes and private lessons that I already teach. Absolutely! I’ve got this.

I was determined to complete this. It was a bit of a crunch for me. But, I really wanted that piece of paper and the recognition that I am certified to instruct others in the BurdaStyle way. Many of these techniques I have used before and many I have learned some ways to be a bit sloppy with to get by. So, it was good to take the course and work through all the projects. I did learn quite a few valuable skills.

The projects were specific. A pair of bermuda shorts, inserting in seam pockets, a zipper placket and waist band.  A sweatshirt using knit fabric and inserting front pocket and a style feature of gusset-like panels on the side and adding the neck band. The dress had a side seam invisible zipper, bust darts and skirt darts and a peter pan-style collar. And finally the short jacket had set-in sleeves and a lining. Hand stitch was used in each project for hemming. The sizes for the projects were not within my size range with the exception of the sweatshirt. I made the largest size in each project. There were plus size patterns included in the course to use for practice and I plan to sew some of them up soon.

Here are the shorts. I am please with how they turned out.


BurdaStyle Teacher’s Certification short

Here is the sweatshirt. This one was made from a sweatshirt material.


BurdaStyle Teacher’s Certification Sweatshirt.

I enjoyed it so much I made a second using a sweater knit and french terry. Both garments are very warm and cozy. Perfect for our weather here this year as it’s been a bit cold during December and part of January. You can see some of the angles of the side gussets in the contrast version.


Loved this so much I had to make another.

I really like the style of the dress. I wish I could wear it. It would be fun to wear. Now I guess I need to practice my resizing skills….


BurdaStyle Dress Assignment

The jacket was made using a wool blend and a poly lining that I found in my stash. Yay for stash busting. I love the way the lining looks.


BurdaStyle Jacket Assignment and final project.


BurdaStyle Jacket Assignment. Check out the lining.


I am still running my kids neighborhood group through The American Sewing Guild. We call it Kids Sew Too. We had our monthly meeting yesterday and these are two of the gals in attendance showing off their Emoji Pillows that we worked on. This project involved hand and machine sewing. They each had a choice of which “expression” to create. Most picked the “heart eyes”.  Maybe because they love sewing as much as I do!


The ASG Kids Sew Too Emoji Pillows



I’m so “in love” with these kids

I am looking forward to getting back to sewing up some more of the Burda patterns once things with my part time job settle down a bit. My sewing classes and private lessons of teaching others is continuing to grow and I am loving every minute of that.

I’m also loving reading all the other sewing blogs on the ‘net and following how all of you are getting along. There is so (sew) much sewing fun all around.

Cheers and Happy Sewing/Creating New Year!

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Super Hero’s Capes

Hi there! Remember me? Well, if not, let me introduce myself. I am the busy, over ambitious mother to 8 and grandmother to 5 woman fast approaching old age who is feeling the need to cram just as much as she can into life as she knows it. Oh! And we are finally empty nesters….holding my breath still on that one….No, really! It’s all good. But, there have definitely been some changes in our household and our life styles in the past few months and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

So….how about all this super hero stuff anyway? A few months ago (okay, maybe a year ago) I was asked to copy a super hero cape for one of the sewing families that I was giving lessons to a couple of years ago. Mom had borrowed a cape made by another mom and was needing to return said cape but, her son loved it so much she wanted one made that would be his own.

The mascot for the University of Virginia is the Cavalier or sometimes referred to as the Cav Man. I love this cape style because it doesn’t involve anything being tied around a “little one’s” neck. It is a harness style with a velcro belt — if you will.


The mom took pictures of the cape with a tape measurement laid out next to it and I just re-created it.


While I was working on it, I started thinking of all the other super hero capes that I could make.


And then this one….


And there are still more….Wonder Woman. And even all the Disney characters with capes. Whew!!!! I need to get busy again.

Anyway, here is a pic shared with me of the little boy with his prized Cav Man cape and his super hero.


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