Sunday Seven – April 12 – 18

Spring 2020

Our front yard

Yeah, it’s been a while. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic going on what else is there to do. Besides mask making. And I have done quite a bit of that. Hubby is unable to work from home so, I have made mask for him to take to work and share with his co-workers so they won’t share germs and such. I am grateful that he is able to continue working. All 3 of my part-time jobs have subsided. Oh well. There is that long list of “If I only had the time I could…..”


Sewing machine

My 2 best friends. My sewing machine and my seam ripper. We usually get along very well.



My view from my sewing machine. On an April shower sort of day.



I’ve enjoyed finding fun fabrics in my stash to make into mask. My husband has a rubber ducky mask and a flying pigs mask.


Tomatoes. Ready to get planted outdoors.

One of our local farmer’s markets has started a “drive thru” market. We can order online, select a pick up time, pay and then on Saturday, go pick up our goodies. We never have to get out of our cars. The vendors bring our goods to us and place them in the back or trunk. I’ve got quite a lot of plants to get into pots. I don’t plant much veggies in the ground because we have too many deer, rabbits and squirrels to make it worth our time and effort. We’ve tried all kinds of tricks and then gave up. This year I am going to try to plant tomatoes and peppers on our deck. I may need to net the tomatoes from the squirrels but, I have yet to see a deer or rabbit on our deck.

Our neighborhood walk last night gave the opportunity to photograph it’s namesake. This spring used to supply water to the pool which once upon a time was a neighborhood pool but, is now a members only private club. I’m not even certain it will open for members to enjoy this summer. Although they are hopeful. I am hopeful. And in these times, aren’t we all???

Bye for now. Stay safe and well.


About robynsewsthisandthat

I sew. I knit. I craft. I have too many desired projects and not enough time to create. I am mom to 8 and grandma to 7 wonderful gifts. I am married to my best friend. I created this blog to track my projects and to inspire others. We all learn by sharing knowledge.
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5 Responses to Sunday Seven – April 12 – 18

  1. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Am so jealous of your ability to get fresh produce! I was thinking about you lately, and your sewing classes. Would it be possible to use Skype or Zoom to continue them? If most of your students don’t have sewing machines at home that would be a problem. Hope you are all in good spirits, and able to carry on. xx

    • I’m trying to think through ways of handling it. I mostly communicate through email. I have a couple of teen private students who text or video chat with me to work through issues. A lot of my students are through another venue so, that makes it challenging. I have a sinking feeling that resource will not be available after all this is over. So, I’m finally starting my home set up. It’s so much work.

  2. Great to see you posting. Glad you’re both well, even if work has vanished. What a lovely front yard you have.
    Fingers crossed for the peppers and tomatoes. We only have rabbits to worry our veggies, but that’s definitely more than enough!

    • The Iris started blooming this week. Mine are all white. I would love to have some of the other colors someday. There was a threat of freeze last night so all the potted plants came in for the night.

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