Sunday Sevens – At It Again

I surprised myself as I didn’t think that I had enough photos to add to the Sunday Sevens this week. Of course, you don’t need seven photos nor do you need to post every week. It’s simply a casual way for bloggers to connect and share their weeks and this whole thing was created by Nat over at Threads & Bobbins. So have a look and join in the fun if you choose. No pressure.

1 – This post is Spring heavy…’cause like many of you (even across the pond) Spring has Sprung and I am fully enjoying it.

2 – Mr. Fox came to pay us a visit. He has been making a regular appearance just to remind me that I cannot have backyard chickens. Oh, no I can’t! There were also reports of a possibly rabid fox in the north end of town biting people and stealing scarves. Our fox does not sport a scarf so, he does not have rabies.

3 – More signs of Spring.

4 – I made these wall decorations for my sewing room. I am feeling better about my space and more organized.

5 – I am still trying to find tiles to add to the ones I already purchased for my kitchen. I really want to finish my various projects around the house. I found these black tiles and decided they would work with the countertops. And 20 tiles cost me less than $5.00. I just couldn’t pass it up.

6 – Another sign of Spring. The scooter is washed up and it needed a new battery. I finally got to take it out for a spin. Yay!   AND I put the snow shovels away!!!!

7 – My hubby takes the dog for walks up on a trail and once in a while I will go along. The trail is on part of the university grounds. There is an observatory there. Walking and biking trails. Some people run the trails. Lots of people walk there dogs there. Some group (environmentalists? Arborist?) tagged many of the trees. To identify them, I guess.

That’s about all for my week. Busy week coming ahead. I hope everyone has a great week!!

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Sunday Sevens – March Brings Changes

Welcome to Sunday Sevens. A weekly opportunity to share with other blogs the goings on in our weeks. Natalie at Threads and Bobbins is our lovely host. You should go check her out and join the fun.

My week went a bit like this:

1 – I have several yards of this fabric and pulled it out of my stash to make tote bags with the American Sewing Guild group of youth sewing that I am starting up here in our town.  The girls that joined us brought their own fabrics to use. So I decided to make up one of the bags for my own use. It is almost Spring after all. Time for something new and bright. I have also decided that this fabric will become new pillows for my couch. (Any day now)

2 – Sewing sessions wrapped up this week. Time to sort thru and take home some of the leftovers and get ready for the next sessions that begin — this week. We had enough inclement weather that the sessions are running back-to-back where as I usually have a week or two off between to prepare for the next.   

3 – Another sign of Spring’s arrival. These are at the farm supply store. I love to go look. I would love to have chickens but, we have too many hawks, fox, raccoons and such in our neighborhood. I heard the fox calling last night as a reminder. But, aren’t they cute?

4 – We have a mid-week labyrinth walk at the church I attend. I try to make it every week. It helps keep me grounded. Spring time is a favorite time of mine to go to walk as I can see the changes from week to week in the gardens around the labyrinth.

5 – Hubby and I went out for sushi. It wasn’t as good as what we enjoy on our trips to New Jersey but, enjoyable just the same. I love the little tea pot.

6 – I have begun working on a quilt for my father-in-law to take with him to use during his dialysis treatments. The sweatshirt was my husband’s. They are both Marines. Like father, like son. We were hoping to find t-shirts in the traditional colors of scarlet and gold to use. They don’t seem to be available any longer. So, I bought knit fabric in the appropriate colors. I will blog more about this soon.

7 – I drove my daughter and her boy friend around some of the old neighborhoods in our town. He is an architectural history major at UVA and not from our town so he likes to get a tour now and then.  This is in the Woolen Mills area. And I don’t seem to be able to rotate it in the mobile version of WordPress. Ugh! (Turn heads to left shoulder)

The feature photo is hopefully the last snowfall of the season. It was pretty as it clung to the trees. Not the roads. And melted very quickly. That’s how all snow should fall in my opinion…whatever that is worth.

That’s it for my week. It always amazes me how busy I am when I look back. And this is only reporting a part of all that really goes on. Hope you all have a fabulous and productive week.

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Meet What’s-Her-Face.

I have been working hard as suddenly the doors have opened wider to my teaching sewing opportunities. I have had a lot of help as one of my current student’s mom has spread the word of my class offerings to her neighbors that she knew had children who were interested in learning to sew. She even coordinated the days so I could come to their neighborhood and spend one hour at one house doing a lesson and then I move right next door to another house to do a second lesson. I don’t know which is harder, planning a series of lessons or coordinating the schedules of busy kids and their families. So, I really appreciate her help. I have acquired 3 new students through her efforts.

So when I have some extra time I have been enjoying a little personal play sewing. I purchased My Felt Doll Book. I have had a lot of fun in the past making stuffed toys and dolls. I wanted to try some more. 

I apologize but, I don’t seem to be able to leave things well enough alone as they are. I wanted a slightly larger doll so I enlarged the pattern a bit and began sewing up the main body of my doll. As I was working on assembling her (I definitely decided it would be a “her”) I was trying to imagine what her face would look like. I hand embroidered her eyes and facial features. And what personality she would develope through those facial expressions. And what style she would had.

 She did get another leg. Isn’t she cute? Some of my embroidery floss tails moved around a big on the inside of her face as I was stuffing her and they seemed to create some weird lines in her complexion. My daughter said that it made her look “old”. I was looking at yarns for hair and spotted a gray and black fun fur yarn and knew it had to be for my doll’s hair. 

It almost looks purple in this lighting. I love it thou. Now I need to develope her “style” and give her a name. Any suggestions will be considered and appreciated.

 Have any of you made dolls? Do you find it fun to create a personality in a doll? Please share with me.

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Sunday Sevens

I had the honor of hosting Flat Stanley for the past two weeks for a project for one of my grandson’s preschool class. He chose to send it to me because I live near to the mountains and he lives on the coast of North Carolina. Althou, I was sick for part of his visit and we had some rather rainy weather, between Aunt Morgan and myself I think that Flat Stanley had some awesome adventures.

Flat Stanley with a bust of Edgar Allen Poe at the University of Virginia.

He also enjoyed hanging out with the books in one of the libraries.


Finally a nice day to drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is where it starts. I hoped the elevation would impress the preschoolers, if nothing else. It was rather cold and windy.  

The peach orchard is just beginning to show a hint of red on it’s tender branches. A hopeful sign that Spring is on it’s way.

We then ventured up the reservoir to see how full the streams were from all the rain. It’s so pretty up in this area. One of my favorite spots.

Lots of water coming over the dam.

The water was such a beautiful color. Wish it had been a bit warmer. The dog and Flat Stanley wanted to go for a hike.

I think Flat Stanley enjoyed his visit. Can’t wait to see how this project turns out in my grandson’s class.

More toys arrived for me this week too. I am hoping that this will be helpful for some of my classes that I am teaching. I am up to holding as many as 6 classes per week and an American Sewing Guild group for kids that is meeting once per month. It’s so awesome!


Sunday Sevens is a fun way to share our lives outside of blogging and if you want to join in or see what other’s are up to take a jump on over to Natalie’s blog Threads & Bobbins to get the scoop. I have met some really cool people. Have a great week.


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Another Sunday Sevens

Only have 6 to share this week. So, I will make it quick and sweet.

 1 – My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. I sent them is Edible Arrangement. 2 of the pineapples are suppose to be cut into the numbers “60”.

2 – Halarious Hilda is a bit green around the gills and drippy in this winter weather. I feel ya honey!


3 – Car wash time. I call this structure the Dinosaur Bones Car Wash.   
4 – View from my desk one day at work.

5 – During the wonderfully, warm summer months the Impatients on my deck reseeded themselves into the potted orchid. One has managed to begin to bloom indoors. A very welcome surprise. 


6 – I made a warm cup of tomato soup and a gluten-free grilled cheese. My idea of “Comfort Food”. Aaahh!

Sunday Seven is a weekly collection of photos from our daily lives. Natalie over at Threads & Bobbins has all the details and you can join in at any time. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week ahead. I love staying in touch with all of you.

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Sunday Sevens: My, What a Week

I haven’t been participating in the Sunday Sevens on a regular basis as many others do. ┬áNatalie at Threads and Bobbins organized this to be a photo collection of our week aside from our regular blog posting and you can jump in at any time to participate. Check out her website for more information.

I live in the mid-Atlantic region of the US and last weekend we were hit with our first this year and worst storm in several years. You may have heard about it! So, I have to bore you with a few of the pics from that. It almost literally consume many people’s lives for most of the week. We don’t get snow like this around here very often. (thank goodness)

“Come here often?” These two pot perchers are on a lamp globe that I have out on my deck. They looked so funny peering at each other above the snow mound.

As the snow began to melt the ridge along the deck railing began to create a fancy little wave.

Then this happened! Some of you may remember that we replaced our shingled roof with a metal roof in the Fall. Well, all that heavy snow (we had about 16 inches here) slid off the roof and onto our large tent-like garage that keeps the weather off our supply of firewood and our extra personal vehicles. The structure buckled under the weight and knocked my bicycle and scooter into the hubby’s motorcycle. Oooops! Between shoveling the cars out of the driveway and shoveling sidewalks and working he was, just yesterday, able to get to shoveling the snow off the side of the garage and has yet to secure the crumpled sides before we can move anything to check for possible damages.

Last snow pic….I promise! Poor Lucy the Concrete Goose doesn’t like the snow any more than I do.

Monday was a snow day from work. On Tuesday I stayed home to tend a cold that I managed to catch on top of all else. Then Wednesday it was back to work for me. I am working a temporary job for a foundation that provides college scholarships. Data entry is pretty boring but, it is nice to make a little extra money.

And then this happened…I could have cried. I had started this scarf from Bekki’s post at Dartmoor Yarn. After three starts it was finally coming along and I was enjoying learning the pattern. I had my knitting bag sitting in the chair and I have a terrible habit of plopping arm loads of stuff into the chair when I enter the house. I guess wooden needles don’t handle such abuse. Wish me luck in trying to transfer this to the brand new replacement needles. UGH!

My youngest child who will turn 21 in 2 weeks FINALLY registered to vote. I said I was taking this picture to add to her “Baby Book”. She’s all grown up — sniff, sniff.

That’s it for me. I hope you aren’t totally bored by my snow pics and other boring happenings of the week. I hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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Simple Style Linen Apron

I love simple. Who doesn’t, right? I actually love simple style. So when I saw this simple style apron (called a pinafore from Rough Linen) I was really drawn to it. Then I started thinking about aprons in general. Aprons are so cute. And functional. I have made many in my day. In fact I believe it was a first project taught in home economics class. This is where we learned to square up the fabric and cut out a rectangle for an half apron attached to a waist tie.

DSC_0110I’ve embellished aprons with my embroidery machine. I’ve sewn a few from patterns. Cute! Cute!! And you may remember my post from last year. But….I don’t wear an apron. When I am working in the kitchen either cooking or cleaning, I don’t wear an apron. And I ruin my clothes in the process. But, they drive me crazy. They don’t fit me properly. My proportions are not the same as most full aprons. So, when I saw this apron I had to try it out.pinafore-front-revised-3-19-14

I started thinking about it and I realized that in order for it to fit me well enough I would have to make it fit — well, me. So, I measured my high bust and added 4 inches to that measurement for hemming and ease. Then I measured from my high bust to just about my knee. Then I kind of measured from the top of high bust across my back to about my waist.

I came up with measurements for cutting out my fabric to look something like this:

  • Main Body – 48″ X 33″
  • Facing – 48″ X 3″
  • Straps – 4 @ 24″ X 3″
  • Pockets – 2 @ 9″ X 10 1/2″


I used linen to make my apron. It’s classic, durable and I just like linen. I cut the length plus another 4 inches out of the yardage of linen that I had. I cut another strip 3 inches along that width for a facing. Cut the straps and pockets from the remainder of the fabric.

Next I constructed the straps by sewing two straps together on three sides leaving one end opened and turned right side out. I pressed it and top stitched 1/8″ from edge down both long edges of the straps. I measured out 4 inches from the center at the top of the body of my apron and pinned the straps to the top lining up the raw edges. You can baste these in place or just pin. Now line up the 3 inch facing piece and pin it on top of your strap along the width of your apron. Again lining up your raw edges. The straps will be sandwiched between the right sides of the apron and facing. Stitch along the width of the top edge attaching the facing and the straps. Press facing up away from the main body and press the seam allowance toward the facing.

Next turn under raw edge on both sides of the apron 1/4″ and then 1″ enclosing the raw edges of the sides and creating a hem. Stitch close to the top of the hem’s folded edge.

Press the facing down toward the main body and top stitch 2″ from the top of the apron to stitch down the facing. Make sure the straps are out of the way.

Measure 4″ out from center (In both directions) and about 16″ down from the top of apron to determine the bottom and edge of pocket placement. Fold and press down 1/4″ of the top of 10 1/2″ and then to the wrong side 1″ and press. The right sides will be together. Stitch 1/2″ from the top to the bottom of the 1″ hem on top of pocket on each side. Trim the corner and turn it right side out. Press under 1/2″ on each side and the bottom of pocket. Place pocket lower edge at the points marked to the front of apron. Stitch close to the fold edge on three sides and double stitch at top edges or create a small triangle to secure the top of pockets.

Cross the strap without twisting to the opposite back edge of apron at the top. Pin to wrong side and cross the second strap to it’s opposite edge and pin. Try apron on to determine if straps need shortening or if this length works for you. When you are happy with placement stitch in place sewing a box with and “X” in the center for reinforcement.

DSC_0006Turn under bottom hem 1/4″ to wrong side then turn up hem at least 1″ (or more if you prefer). Stitch close to top fold edge of hem. You are done.


I hope that these directions make some sort of sense. It really is an easy apron to make. I plan to make more of these. My sister requested a way to hang a towel to her apron so I replaced the right pocket with a loop for her to thread her towel through.

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