Sunday Sevens: My, What a Week

I haven’t been participating in the Sunday Sevens on a regular basis as many others do.  Natalie at Threads and Bobbins organized this to be a photo collection of our week aside from our regular blog posting and you can jump in at any time to participate. Check out her website for more information.

I live in the mid-Atlantic region of the US and last weekend we were hit with our first this year and worst storm in several years. You may have heard about it! So, I have to bore you with a few of the pics from that. It almost literally consume many people’s lives for most of the week. We don’t get snow like this around here very often. (thank goodness)

“Come here often?” These two pot perchers are on a lamp globe that I have out on my deck. They looked so funny peering at each other above the snow mound.

As the snow began to melt the ridge along the deck railing began to create a fancy little wave.

Then this happened! Some of you may remember that we replaced our shingled roof with a metal roof in the Fall. Well, all that heavy snow (we had about 16 inches here) slid off the roof and onto our large tent-like garage that keeps the weather off our supply of firewood and our extra personal vehicles. The structure buckled under the weight and knocked my bicycle and scooter into the hubby’s motorcycle. Oooops! Between shoveling the cars out of the driveway and shoveling sidewalks and working he was, just yesterday, able to get to shoveling the snow off the side of the garage and has yet to secure the crumpled sides before we can move anything to check for possible damages.

Last snow pic….I promise! Poor Lucy the Concrete Goose doesn’t like the snow any more than I do.

Monday was a snow day from work. On Tuesday I stayed home to tend a cold that I managed to catch on top of all else. Then Wednesday it was back to work for me. I am working a temporary job for a foundation that provides college scholarships. Data entry is pretty boring but, it is nice to make a little extra money.

And then this happened…I could have cried. I had started this scarf from Bekki’s post at Dartmoor Yarn. After three starts it was finally coming along and I was enjoying learning the pattern. I had my knitting bag sitting in the chair and I have a terrible habit of plopping arm loads of stuff into the chair when I enter the house. I guess wooden needles don’t handle such abuse. Wish me luck in trying to transfer this to the brand new replacement needles. UGH!

My youngest child who will turn 21 in 2 weeks FINALLY registered to vote. I said I was taking this picture to add to her “Baby Book”. She’s all grown up — sniff, sniff.

That’s it for me. I hope you aren’t totally bored by my snow pics and other boring happenings of the week. I hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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I sew. I knit. I craft. I have too many desired projects and not enough time to create. I am mom to 8 and grandma to 7 wonderful gifts. I am married to my best friend. I created this blog to track my projects and to inspire others. We all learn by sharing knowledge.
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10 Responses to Sunday Sevens: My, What a Week

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a hard week. But good to see you’re knitting the lace leaf scarf – thanks for the mention – even if disaster has stuck that too 😦 I do hope the snow hasn’t caused to much damage when you do finally assess. As for kids, I miss mine being small, but I do enjoy them being grown up 🙂

  2. Thank you. The motorcycle and the scooter it seems are okay. Not even a scratch on the motorcycle although the turn signal on my scooter looks a tad off. No big deal. Yay! Now, back to the scarf… is a really fun pattern!!!

  3. Oh, good luck putting the scarf back in order, it’s going to be lovely. Poor Lucy, indeed! And very exciting to have the youngsters growing up. And voting – hooray! No political talk here, but am hoping a large number of folks young and old sign up in a particular persuasion….

    • LOL! She reluctantly registered as I told her that she wouldn’t even feel it. Then I told her that if she didn’t vote then she cannot complain (to me anyway). She hasn’t promised that she would vote either. But, at least she has registered!

  4. CurlsnSkirls says:

    My goodness, you did get a bit more than our barely 2″ down here. Do hope all’s well after your roof problems. And congratulations to your daughter for getting registered. Next step: Use It!

    • Thanks. The snow is mostly melted now. I really only care to see snow before Christmas. That rarely happens in these parts. After that I really have no use for it except a nice walk when it first starts falling. All forms of bikes are fine after the dig-out but, we do need to come up with a better plan for a shelter. This is the second shelter that we have lost to snow in the past couple of years. Glad to hear you were spared the brunt of the storm.

  5. Thimberlina says:

    Crikey that’s a lot of snow! It’s years since we had so much in one go, thank goodness (tho H would be made up!!). Despite all your pretty photos I hope it’s gone and you can get back to normal. 😀

  6. Natalie says:

    Wow, that sure is a lot of snow!! We had some wind & rain from the storm but no snow! I hope there isn’t too much damage to your bikes and other things. It’s a shame to hear about your knitting needles too…good luck with transferring it 😀

    • Thanks, Nat. Life is returned to normal and the bikes are fine. Their shelter is still standing. The gutters replacements are being researched. Knitting has been transferred to new needles. Cringing at the mention of flurries in the near future forecast. Hoping it doesn’ amount to more.

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