Sunday Sevens

My post for this recap of our week’s activities aside from a regular blog post seems to have turned into a monthly recap. Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins is the brain child of this. So, go check her out and the others who play along (on a more regular basis) when you follow the link to her Pinterest board. They certainly won’t disappoint.

It’s not that I do nothing all week. Maybe it’s more that I do too much? I don’t think to take pictures? I don’t know. So, here goes my recap of the week.

1. I went with the local chapter of the American Sewing Guild to Richmond to view the The Downton Abbey costume collect. The final season will begin airing in a couple of weeks here in the US. I loved seeing all the costumes and reading about them. Best of all we could take pictures (no flash) but it was so hard not to touch. I just wanted to feel every fabric and touch every bead. Ugh!

2. The last session of my sewing classes finished this week. The next session begins right after the first of the year. 3 of the 4 classes that I am offering next filled up with at least the minimum required participants within the first couple of days of registration. I am very excited about it. I have been playing around with my new machine and some quilting projects. The last class involved a simpler version of this little mug rug.

3. I had bought these carrots – yes, carrots at the local market. I couldn’t resist trying them. I roasted them to have as a side with dinner. They are a bit starchy. Not too bad thou. Has anyone seen anything like this before?


4. I have been madly working on this project for my sister-in-law as a Christmas present for my nephew. She brought me  25 of his t-shirts to make into a quilt. It needs to be soft and warm and be large enough to cover his 6 foot plus body. It’s almost finished and I promise to write a blog post about it (and my newest sewing machine) soon. Promise!

5. I just have to add this from a week ago (or so) I found a tutorial for making this snowman wreath. I couldn’t resist. And I can’t resist sharing him with you now.

That’s it for my week. Except I do want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. I love being able to peek into all of your lives and appreciate that you have so much passion to share the things that you love with all of us every week.


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I sew. I knit. I craft. I have too many desired projects and not enough time to create. I am mom to 8 and grandma to 7 wonderful gifts. I am married to my best friend. I created this blog to track my projects and to inspire others. We all learn by sharing knowledge.
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11 Responses to Sunday Sevens

  1. Very nice! Your nephew’s quilt will be a treasure, I’m sure….is that fun quote going front and center? And I’m glad you didn’t resist sharing the snowman wreath, it is adorable! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. CurlsnSkirls says:

    What a lovely collection, and congratulations on your teaching successes! Can’t wait to hear more about that quilt – such a labour of love! And your new machine – whee! Lots to look forward to in the New Year! (Wish I could have met up with you in Richmond, but it’s been such a zoo here! If something comes up in 2016, let me know!)
    Have a wonderful & relaxing Holiday! šŸ˜˜

  3. Natalie says:

    Looks like you’ve had a great week…and managed to remember photos! Ha! I’ve been very tempted to make a t-shirt quilt but I think I’m put off with how big they can get, but they are a fabulous idea! Can’t wait to see yours šŸ™‚ Now I have seen purple carrots before but never seen yellow ones…how strange!

    • Well, quilts and coverletts can be a bit unruly to handle. I use extra chairs to help support the weight. And I did not do any ‘quilting’ of this t-shirt quilt. Mainly due to lack of time. I tied it off instead. More to come later on this….Have you tried eating the purple carrots? I wonder how they would be steamed. Hmmmmm.

  4. Thimberlina says:

    What fab photos! My favourite is the snowman! Sounds like your classes are doing really well šŸ˜ƒ

  5. Thank you. They snowman was quite fun to make. I want to improve on his hat. I could not find a molded foam hat so I just cut a flat one out of a sheet of foam. I have another store to check out for the one I want and I can replace the current one. And Thank you for the encouragement for the classes. I just love sharing sewing with others. It’s so much fun and gives me so much satisfaction.

  6. No, never see carrots like that. That snowman wreath got me laughing – so original.

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