Week 50 – Sunday Sevens

Wow! This is week 50. That means the this regular posting of sharing our week through photos that was dreamed up by Natalie is approaching it one year loop. It would be fun to have this continue beyond. If you are interested in joining in now please do. You can go to Threads and Bobbins to get the details.

1 – I made this bandanna that slides onto a dog collar. It is the colors of the University of Virginia. The orange is representing the ‘V’ in the name and logo. I had hoped to get them in a local dog shop to sell. They didn’t like it much. “People don’t want to take the collars off to attach it.” is the reason they offered up. Okay. Sebastian doesn’t seem to mind.

2 – I finally went to my church for a mid-week worship service where I walk the outdoor labyrinth. I haven’t been able to join in for several months. I walked around the outside of the building afterwards and through the rememberance garden to check on the tiny fish pond.

3 – I found this fungus on a walk with Sebastian. It’s been getting bigger and bigger.

4 – Sebastian enjoyed stopping for a rest to get his picture taken. It was crazy humid here most of the week then finally the drier air moved in and I got a burst of energy as it helped to relieve my headache of three days.


5 – I was able to make 4 pillow cases (there were 2 of the ‘Cars’ I only photographed 1) for my little vistors that came to see me Saturday.

6 & 7 – My little visitors. My two grandsons came up from  North Carolina and my granddaughter came from Richmond. My other grandson in NC wasn’t able to make the trip with his mom so I sent his pillow case down with his cousins. They were so simple and fast to make.  We also spent about an hour and a half playing at the pool.


You get two pics of them as I had also made some chicken broth that I canned and I thought that I had taken a photo of but, can’t find it now. Oh well, next batch I will remember. I am also sewing up some coverlets and will photograph them for a later blog.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week.

About robynsewsthisandthat

I sew. I knit. I craft. I have too many desired projects and not enough time to create. I am mom to 8 and grandma to 7 wonderful gifts. I am married to my best friend. I created this blog to track my projects and to inspire others. We all learn by sharing knowledge.
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14 Responses to Week 50 – Sunday Sevens

  1. CurlsnSkirls says:

    What a busy week, despite all our humidity! Know your grandchildren will enjoy their pillowcases for a long time. Such a great gift idea. Hope you continue to feel better!

  2. Very sweet photos and love the gifts you made them 🙂

  3. Thimberlina says:

    Sebastian is so cute! But not as cute as your grandkids! Bet they love their pillowcases! Hope the weather behaves and your headaches stay away 😀

    • Thank you. Woke up this morning with a tiny headache and upon checking the weather I see there is a small low pressure system sliding through this evening. Looks like this one will come and go quickly. Sebastian is my buddy. Loves to be involved in all I do.

  4. So sorry about the headaches….they can really be debilitating. It’s been humid here, too, so I agree that is a likely culprit. Your grandbabies are adorable! And Sebastian seems to be a perfect little gentleman (and so handsome).

  5. Thank you. Mostly the headaches are annoying and rarely debilitating altho sometimes I have a migrane handover when they are finally gone. And thank you for the compliment of my grandbabies. They are a bundle of energy. And Sebastian is such a funny dog. He is very smart (and handsome).

  6. deliciouslynell says:

    Sounds like a lovely time. 🙂 And sorry about your headaches. 😦

  7. Natalie says:

    Lovely pillowcases – I bet they loved them! Sebastian is ADORABLE!!!

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